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32 Lbs of Head

32 Lbs. of Head is:
China Blue
Suzan Dionne
Richard Humann
David Opdyke




The Next To Last Supper

The next to last supper
We waited to watch the waning of the waves
So dry in the sea
And so wet in the lungs

A mirror image of exhaustion
Bleating over the edge of confusion
Never lead a cloud
They’re supposed to be silvered, and anyhow they get too heavy.

Right hemisphere forward
Toward adamance, lacking fantasy
So cold over the wind
Doesn’t matter, we have dreams enough for now.

A distinguished point of entry
In the middle of the blue ether
Take cover! The heat is done
And it’s parkas and furry boots from here.

Against the white background the server appears
Wanting, yet without steam
Be aware! The lust is good
And will have to do in lieu of food.

Sitting down, the chair creaks loudly
Following the pulse of the throbbing eyesore
So comely beyond the rain
But like so many things, bloody ugly up close.

Taken by force the drum beats gently
Sustaining the empathy of the mysterious person
I reach! The inspiration is dying
Finally, I’ve got nothing.

Pushing ahead through softer days
The wind whispers, caught in my web of tears
Be transparent. The stink will die.
But maybe not soon enough.

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