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Artbitat, Kaohsiung International Arts Festival

Silently For Me

10 December, 2011 – 1 March, 2012

Kaohsiung Art Museum
Kaohsiung, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

The sculptural installation “Silently For Me” visually and definitively tracks the extensive worldwide travels of an individual shipping container over time. By identifying and logging in the serial number of the container, it is possible to accurately follow the destinations of the container from its maiden voyage year’s prior, until its eventual arrival at Kaohsiung City in 2011.

From the extensive data collected, lines of transportation and ports of delivery have been chronicled. This information is used to enumerate the destination routes of the container and precisely lay out a delineation of the voyages it has traversed. The routes of travel have then been applied over a generated map of the world, showing the history of the journeys and the multiple ports of rest. The exterior of the container is then wrapped, floor to ceiling and on three sides, in the massively printed map.


Richard Humann • Silently For Me • Steel, vinyl • 72″ x 240″ x 96″ • 2011

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