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On view at the SATLELLITE ART FAIR, Miami Beach, Dec 1 though 6, 2015

Seol Park of Spark Associates Art Management presents an outdoor art exhibition at the SATELLITE SHOW, a new-media/performance/installation-oriented art fair inaugurating in Miami Beach in 2015 during the Art Basel week.

Titled “AUGMENTED,” the exhibit showcases inspiring artistic visions taking shape at the intersection of art and technology, reality and imagination, physical and digital, and narrative and poetry.

Spark invited seasoned American and international artists whose critically-acclaimed careers are anchored in the physical realm as paintings, sculptures, photographs, and multi-disciplinary installations, and asked each to conceive original digital art to “augment” the urban and natural landscapes of North Miami Beach. The participating artists’ responses to this proposition are as thought-provoking and ambitious as they are poetic and lyrical.

The artworks are placed at various GPS points around the fair’s 6-block area––between the beach and Collins Avenue, and between 72nd and 75th streets. These artworks exist in the realm of Augmented Reality (AR) and are not visible to the nake eye: they emerge only through an AR app on viewers’ smart phones.

Visitors are encouraged to snap photos of their AR artwork views and share them via social media.

 The exhibit aims to offer a refreshing counterpoint to the many location agnostic, from-one-wall-to-another artworks that dominate the content offered at today’s nomadic art fair scene.

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: RIchard Humann, John Kelly, Chris Mazione, Shuli Sadé, Carl Skelton


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