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Finlayson Art Area

6 June – August 23, 2015

Kari Cavén
Kaarina Kaikkonen
Kaisu Koivisto
Richard Humann
Osmo Rauhala

Väinö Linnan aukio 13 (TR1) and Finlaysoninkuja 9 (Himmelblau Gallery)
Tampere, Finland


Finlayson Art Area

The Finlayson Art Area, FAA, is a new event of visual arts at the Finlayson Mill area, in Tampere. The historical factory area of Finlayson is the “old town” of Tampere and an essential part of the national landscape. The event is easy to reach: the area is right in the city centre and the exhibitions are free of charge. The main organizer is Himmelblau Printmaking Studio.

Finlayson Art Area is open from June to August 2015. Both Finnish and international artists participate in the exhibitions. Osmo Rauhala puts up a big video installation in the area’s oldest factory building TR1. The combination of modern art and an old factory hall opens new aspects to Rauhala’s mystical artwork. There are also his paintings and prints on show. Kaarina Kaikkonen is realising a monumental installation artwork to the Satakunnankatu street. Kaikkonen’s pieces have evoked rapture in exhibitions all over the world.

From the American artist Richard Humann, the exhibition is receiving conceptual oeuvres and sculptures. His Transporter takes the visitor to New York:  installation gives real time sound from the artist’s homestreet in Brooklyn. Kari Cavén‘s exhibition is displayed in two premises. Cavén is well-known of his humoristic artworks. He uses recycled material for his sculptors and installations. Kaisu Koivisto‘s big mushroom sculptors will be seen all around the Finlayson Mill area. Her installation Absorption of Pollution, made of cow-horns, has travelled in big cities and cathered a dark surface.

Finlayson & Co introduces the company through a textile exhibition, showcasing the company’s most beloved products. Himmelblau Gallery celebrates the printmaking studio’s 25th anniversary with a summer exhibition consisting of pieces from both Finnish and international artists. At the studio, you get to see the printer artists working and witness how the graphic art is born through various techniques. The view from the studio’s windows over the rapids gives the experience its own unique touch.

Open: Tue-Fri 11-17, Sat-Sun 12-17

Free entrance

Main entrances: Väinö Linnan aukio 13 (TR1) and Finlaysoninkuja 9 (Himmelblau Gallery)




Finlayson Art Area • Richard Humann • Himmelblau • 6 June – 23 August, 2015

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