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From Water to Light | Richard Humann | Triny Prada

From Water To Light

Richard Humann
Triny Prada

25 February – 24 March, 2016

Elga Wimmer PCC is proud to present the work of New York artist Richard Humann, and Paris based artist, Triny Prada. Both artist, though different in their approach and realization of their work, have themes of water and light prevalent throughout them.

Richard Humann will be exhibiting his large-scale sculptural installation, “The Same River Twice” along with smaller sculptures and drawings. In “The Same River Twice” Humann presents a 32 foot long recreation of the Hudson River, but instead of the River being filled with water, it’s filled instead with thousands of cut up words of ink on paper from books and writings that inspired him to move to New York City from his hometown in the Hudson Valley. For his sculptural bird nests, he has asked people from all over the world to send stories of their youth to him, written in their native language. Humann than took the texts and and wove them into bird nests. The work is entitled, “The Songbird Sings of Home” and will be presented throughout the gallery on sculptural copper branches. Other work includes a series of drawings of graphite on paper, and an edition from his series, “Artist Statement.”

Richard Humann was included in theVenice Biennial 2003, exhibited in international museums as Gabarron Foundation in Murcia, Spain, and received recently the Pollock Krasner price.

Triny Prada combines light and water in her installation, comprised of Murano  glass and gold sculpture, and a new series of paintings made with gold thread, gauze, 22 carat gold leave, and vinyl paint. The glass sculptures presented at the last Biennial in Venice, titled “Invisible Powers,” were made 2015 in Murano,
The translucency of this work with a drop shaped “cell” in the center, recalls the body and the cell, reminiscent of early Kiki Smith glass sculpture referring to body parts. In this case, however, it is the inside of the body, the part we normally cannot see. The creation of this vessel from liquid white-hot glass symbolically gives life to a new cell, a renewal, a new life.

Her series of new paintings in this show is titled” Dialogues de Lucioles”(“Dialog of Fireflies”). The artist states: “Through my paintings I bring you to seeing the phosphorences that bathe in the depths in which we are submerged, and that navigate along our cellular chains. In this way, each one of us, in taking in this experience, like a silent conversation, returns to one’s own depths and uncovers the incandescences of one’s most intimate state.”

Triny Prada is an artist, born in Columbia, now working and living in Paris, France. she has participated, among others, at the Biennale in Venice in palazzo Bambo in 2013 and 2015, and in 2014 at the Polytechnic Museum in Moscow, Russia.

Both artists were par t of a collaboration in between Lux Art, Taipei, and Elga Wimmer PCC,
with a special project at Taipei ARt Fair in 2015. This is the continuation in New York City.

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