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Grafiikanpaja Himmelblau

Tampere, Finland

Grafiikanpaja Himmelblau
Finlaysoninkuja 9
33210 Tampere, Finland

Himmelblau Printmaking Studio is located in the heart of Tampere, within the historic Finlayson factory area. Founded in 1989, it has a handsome workshop with a spacious gallery, featuring changing exhibitions by outstanding artists.

The workshop employs some of the finest printers in Europe. Editions of fine art prints are created there – works by masters of the tradition of intaglio, as well as works by artists of a new generation of printmaking. Artists are invited to the workshop to create new work, with the staff’s assistance. Himmelblau specializes in copperplate intaglio printmaking techniques, and occasionally uses other methods, including woodcut.


Janne Laine and Richard Humann


Studio at Himmelblau


Plating the images


Prints on press


Plates on press


Drying the prints


Studio at Himmelblau


Richard Humann with Pertti Ketonen in Helsinki, Finland.


Signing the print series in Helsinki, Finland.


Singing the print series in Helsinki, Finland.

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