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Meditation / Mediation: Richard Humann



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Collaboration with Daniel Rothbart
New York, NY
22 October, 2011


In October of 2011, Richard Humann was invited to participate in an ongoing collaborative project with Daniel Rothbart. For many years now, Daniel has carried twenty metal vessels of varying dimensions to different countries around the world. When he identifies an interesting environment, Rothbart arranges the vessels within it and documents the scene with photographs. He also asks other artists to interact with his work with concepts and ideas of their choosing.

Daniel interviewed Richard for the December 2011 issue of the Artery NYC. In it, they discuss the long history of his previous work and upcoming projects. For his participation in Meditation/Mediation, Richard took the transcript of the interview and dissected it, letter by letter, eventually having enough material to fill two of Daniel’s bowl pieces. This was done live and in front of an audience at MUSECPMI in New York City.

Other notable participants in the ongoing Meditation/Mediation project:

Wolfgang Becker
Eva Coen
Micha Das Bach
Christian Depardieu
Anthony Haden-Guest
Heide Hatry
Marina Markovic
Francine Hunter McGivern
Larry Miller
Sarah Moskowitz
Ana Novaković
Yoko Ono
John Perreault
Farid Abu Shakra
Boris Šribar
Carla Subrizi
Martha Wilson
Junko Yamasaki

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