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Taehwa River Eco Arts Festival (TEAF)

Endless Rain

Taehwa River Eco Arts Festival (TEAF)
Ulsan City, South Korea

“Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup”
—John Lennon (Across the Universe)

Each year over 130,000 flights take off and land in South Korea. The world is truly a smaller place, in that people are traveling at an unprecedented rate further and with more frequency than ever before. South Korea is both a macrocosm and a microcosm of this phenomenon. More people are traveling to and from Korea than ever in its history.

The concept of “Endless Rain” is that instead of rain falling from the clouds in the sky, they are to touch down—or fall from the sky—in the planes that land every day throughout the country. Planes travel across the world, much like the clouds do. They cross all continents, countries, oceans and seas. Clouds gather moisture and are formed from many sources of water, and later drop that water back on a location far, far away.


Richard Humann • Endless Rain • Mixed media • 50″ x 768″ x 144″ • 2012

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