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Psycho Killer • Denver Hotel Lobby Proposal

Psycho Killer

Proposal for a new Denver Hotel

Psycho Killer is an art installation by Richard Humann. 

It premiered at the Lance Fung Gallery in New York City.

A brief history of Psycho Killer:
While at an opening art reception at the Museum of Modern Art, Richard Humann met-up with David Byrne, from the Talking Heads, and were discussing each other’s current projects. David was continuing his solo career in music as well as beginning a book edition. Richard was working on Morse code pieces and in their discussion, asked David if it would be okay to translate Psycho Killer into Morse code for an upcoming exhibition. David agreed, and a few days later a letter arrived to Richard’s studio giving permission for the translation. Two months later, Psycho Killer opened at the Lance Fung Gallery and received great attention and multiple reviews, including New York Magazine and The Village Voice.

The installation is comprised of 442 nine inch blocks made from painted styrofoam. Morse code is represented either as a “dot” or a “dash” adhered to the top of the block. Spacing is represented by a “blank.” A morse code decoder pamphlet was handed out to allow the viewer to “read” the installation.

Proposal for the Hotel:
Richard was contacted by an architectural firm in Denver, Colorado, to submit a proposal for a new hotel that is being constructed in the city.

Hotel Lobby_RH_SITE

Psycho Killer • Hand Painted Construction • Denver Hotel Proposal

Hotel Lobby 3_RH_SITE

Psycho Killer • Steel Construction • Denver Hotel Proposal

Hotel  1_RH SITE

Psycho Killer • Corten Steel Construction • Denver Hotel Proposal

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