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A Tide of Credence

Richard Humann

A Tide of Credence
Wood, paper, ink, paint
192” x 384” x 24”

“A Tide of Credence” is a sculptural installation recreating the Indus River an a raised wooden platform that measures 16′ x 32′ x 2′. The river is filled with thousands of words in Urdu that are stories from people that live in Pakistan, one’s that have left, and from descendants that have yet to visit the country of their families’ origins.

The Indus River with and its tributaries flow down through Pakistan to the Arabian Sea. I have asked Pakistani nationals and people of Pakistani decent to send me their hopes, dreams, and beliefs for Pakistan. I have asked that it be in their native Urdu language, and I have cut up the words and placed them into the sculpture. I have also taken writings of poetry, history, and literature, both historical and contemporary of Pakistan and done the same. This collection of personal and collective accounts will flow with the tide of the river, from its northern, eastern and western borders, and work its way south past Karachi, carrying with it hope and faith, of both the future and the past of this great country.

© Photo: Ali Khurshid, courtesy of KB17

A Tide of Credence

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